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we have moved to Scotland!

Here’s a twist in our old favourite dish from Portugal “PORTUGUESE CLAMS IN GARLIC SAUCE (AMÊIJOAS À BULHÃO PATO)”  As we couldn’t find any clams we decided to use mussels instead! And oh my! That’s a keeper!



1kg of fresh mussels

4 cloves of garlic


splash of white wine

loads of olive oil




Carrot and cumin soup with smoked mackerel salad

Tired of the rainy days?
Me too!
So put some spicy back in your life with a spicy carrot, cumin and potato soup served with a side of mixed leaves, beet root, walnut and hazelnut mackerel salad!!
It’s too die for! Sorry the pictures really don’t do it any justice to how amazing it tastes!!!



5-6 carrots
1 medium onion
4 small potatoes
1 whole green chilli with seeds
1/2 tea spoon smoked paprika
Toasted and grind cumin seeds

Cook for about 2-3 hours then just blend it all!!! It’s that easy!


Ps : we will be posting many more veg recipes as we now receive a veg box every week from Abel & Cole!

Ps2: as usual all recipes and cooking done by Daniel!

Roasted pumpkin and sage gnocchi!


Divine on this rainy weather!

Confit duck Friday


Sorry if your Friday night is boring, I’m having the best confit duck right now! 🙂
Washing it down a nice Fitou!

Portuguese style steak with garlic (à mirandesa?!)

We went for holidays in Portugal for Daniels bday with the whole family and the food there is incredible!!! I felt the every meal was a whole new experience! The flavours, the combination of ingredients! All so simple and so delicious!!!

We are trying to recreate some of our favourite dishes we had while there…

First try is the vitela à mirandesa!
Steak with an amazing garlic and olive oil sauce, with a hidden flavour: balsamic vinegar!!!!
You must try! There they served it with a simple rice and greens! We made it here with mangetout beans and chips!

Hope you like it too!! 😉

First attempt to put the vinegar and olive oil together = fail!!





Hello 2014!!! carbonnade a la flamande

What a better way of starting the new year than one of the most amazing comfort food dishes that are in this world: carbonnade a la flamande!!!!

A traditional Belgium dish cooked for over 3 hours in a low heat with some dark Belgian beer!!! Mmmmm

Happy new year everyone!!! 🙂




New Sunday tradition! Pho!

Home made pho!

It’s all worth the 3.5 hours waiting for the stock to cook!!!


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